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We are thrilled to introduce you to the latest version of Epicor ERP !

Epicor ERP 10

About Epicor

Founded in 1972, Epicor Software Corporation designs, develops, and distributes software solutions. The Company offers enterprise resource planning, manufacturing execution system, and distribution software. Epicor Software serves manufacturing, pharmaceutical, distribution, retail, hospitality, and services organizations.

As one of the principal ERP providers Epicor is always up to date to offer relevant solutions with its industry 4.0 capabilities and beyond. With its flagship product, Epicor ERP, the company seeks to promote innovation and support businesses to scale and develop. Allowing the required flexibility to provide best fit solutions to its customers.

Epicor ERP

With more than 20 years of experience, and a best-in-class technology, Epicor ERP is the perfect ally to take your company to the next level. With its flexible industry-specific design around manufacturing, distribution, retail and services, Epicor ERP is the next step of your business digital transformation by allowing your organization to grow by means of efficiency improvement. 


Epicor ERP represents a fully integrated solution for your business development, combining the best capabilities of financial, supply chain, production management, business intelligence, scheduling and more.

Thanks to its modular approach, with Epicor ERP it is possible to undertake tailored implementations that relate to your organization processes and current needs, without the need of getting a full toolbox for single solutions.

As we understand that growth is a priority for your organization, which may imply that your current processes may not be the same in the future, Epicor’s ERP modular format facilitates the system to change as your organization does. Allowing you to easily make the required customizations and optimizations to support your business evolution as you grow or change your business focus.



Epicor’s ERP Modules include:

• Human Capital Management
• Services and Asset Management
• Production Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Planning and Scheduling
• Financial management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Sales Management
• Product Management
• Product Management
• Business intelligence and Analytics
• Global Business Management
• Governance, Risk and Compliance
• Business Architecture