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XSOL software shows what your employees do in real life. They can see their own desk, machine or work area and how it fits in with their co-workers to complete the processes on which your business depends.It is this connection with real life that really engages employees in the vision of the organisation, unlocking the energy and agility that you normally only see in a ‘start-up’. It’s an environment in which employees contribute far greater value than when they feel they are a ‘cog in a machine’, isolated in a department.This is the visible difference: XSOL documents real life. The invisible difference: real life information is captured in a model, making it easy to change, and opening the door to lots of on-time, on-budget business improvement opportunities. XSOL is the only process modelling software that can do this. 

Let’s face it – ERP implementations may sometimes be are a challenge.
There are 3 critical fail points and XSOL fixes all of them:

- Implementations fail from the point that a business is not systemically understood. Catering for this failure makes the implementation process unnecessarily complicated.

- Pre and post-sale interviews don’t achieve the necessary depth of understanding of a business. Traditional analyst questioning lacks the context that enables users to provide accurate answers.

- A lack of knowledge of the customer’s industry means that ERP implementers are unable to validate what they are told by the people they interview.

XSOL provides a common visual model of the entire business, so that from the outset both customer and vendor see the same picture of how the customer business operates, how processes within the business interoperate and how user tasks within processes correspond to a vendor’s ERP functions.

Having a shared visual model of the customer business defined in XSOL means:

- You can link customer information, ERP functions and training material to individual users in their workplace so that they know how to implement and operate every ERP-based task.

- You can tailor a packaged implementation process for each customer, enabling project costing, timeline monitoring, directing POC pilots, document collection and in-situ user training.

- The resulting model of the business can be used for compliance audits, business analysis and Lean improvement – and re-used when upgrading to new ERP releases.

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