Epicor 9

Become more efficient with Epicor 9

Platinum Services Europe has been active since 1996 in the area of business and financial software. We are a full service consulting organisation specialising in the implementation and support of one of the best ERP business solutions for mid-market companies throughout the European market.


We offer Epicor 9 and Epicor 10. Both offer 5 key principles that deliver faster time to value : 


  • Collaboration : Epicor ERP enables employees, customers and suppliers to build inspired relationships through more effective Collaboration.
  • Choice : Epicor ERP empowers customers by offering a Choice of deployment options including on-premises, hosted or in the cloud.
  • Responsiveness : Epicor ERP delivers the Responsiveness customers need for rapid deployment, improved agility and faster time to value.
  • Simplicity : Epicor ERP increases performance and scalability by focusing on Simplicity in deployment, architecture and user experience.
  • Mobility : Epicor ERP extends the value to remote users with fully functional Mobility solutions designed for the way we work today.

For more information about all the Epicor 9 features and advantages, don't hesitate to contact us.

Epicor 9