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One Suite of Tools. Powered by Excel.

The BizInsight Excel Suite leverages the power of Excel to aggregate data in real time, design and create up to the minute reports, and send them in a multitude of formats.

Simple. Timely. Accurate.

BizContent Architect™

Content is King and you're the Architect, Designer and Developer.

An innovative complement to the BizNet Content "Best-of-Breed" pre-built library, Content Architect gives you the power to design your own functions expose custom fields and slice and dice your data any way you need it.

With BizContent Architect, your data can be fully customised for your needs, in 3 steps, all within Excel.

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Get Connected, Stay Connected.

BizCloud gives you ability to connect to any data in real time. Bypass the need for a Data Warehouse. Big Data, Small Data, BizCloud keeps you connected to all your data. Build reports that give you real time visibility into your business.

Gaining control of all your data just got easier. 

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Pre-built connectors for Industry Leading Software Packages.

Pre-built Excel templates, connectors, functions, reports & business intelligence for industry leading business systems. BizContent provides best practice reporting and analysis with out-of-the-box database connectivity.

BizContent jump starts your ability to provide complete up to date insight into your business performance. 

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Automatically distribute 100s of reports from a single Excel workbook.

The Excel-Based Information Delivery System. Design reports in Excel and automate the generation and distribution in a variety of different formats and methods to all levels of users in your organisation. 

Deploy BizBroadcast with a few mouse clicks. Start increasing productivity and lowering reporting costs today.

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BizNet Software, Inc.
 ( is a market leader for Microsoft Excel cloud reporting and business intelligence.BizNet focuses on Microsoft Excel reporting solutions guided by financial and business professionals with a real-world understanding of corporate financial, operational and technical requirements.