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Expand your business  globally with Epicor Kinetic Country Specific Funtionalities

The Country Specific Functionality packages provide access to a range of functionality required either by law or by a specific industry or by a widely used local process.


The CSF packages are developed, tested and released with each Kinetic release ensuring a seamless experience for any users in the given country

Add-on local capabilities build on top of standard Epicor functionalities


Global Business Management

Allow your business to grow and expand into new geographies without the need of purchasing additional third-party software saving you precious time and costs when getting started with new practices


Epicor Data Analytics (EDA)

Epicor Data Analytics helps companies turn their data stored in Epicor Kinetic into actionable insights. EDA provides customizable and interactive dashboards to make it easy to analyze the data inside your business system, and allows you for longer-term data exploration with full, pre-built content packs running in a cloud-based data warehouse.

Spreadsheet Server.png

Spreadsheet Server

Spreadsheet Server provides Excel-based access to real-time data that refreshes at the click of a button, providing drill-down to journal-level detail. Access current data from Epicor without the need for complex training, SQL coding, or SSRS experience.

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Automate report creation with more than 50 connectors and pre-built indicators and templates. Model historical data and share information easily across your organization. Analyze, drill down, and consolidate your data.

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Fast Close

Make sense out of your data through the set of prebuilt and customizable templates. Fast Close provides an easy-to-use interface with no need for coding experience. Along with its own Excel add-on to facilitate the integration to your current processes.

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