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Epicor Kinetic - Sales Management

Epicor Sales Management module will help you to streamline your order-to-cash process, increasing your accuracy during the quote and order process and identifying the right solution for your customers' needs.

Estimating and Quotation Management

Generate and track all customers or prospects for quotation (RFQ's) from the time of receipt until an order is placed. Create estimates and get quotes more quickly with more accurate pricing and lead times.

Estimating Management

Generate cost-based estimates for operations or materials considering a particular Bill of Materials (BOM) or previous jobs. Pull parts or modify them quickly and easily create a new one. Calculate material, subcontract, labor, and burden costs for multiple quantities.

Create RFQ requests to trigger buyers to solicit suppliers for the pricing of materials. Use the quotation management system to identify critical information about a part and identify it has been quoted, bought, or sold before. And accurately predict pipeline activities by tracking the confidence levels by quote line. Increase the efficiency and accuracy with the ability to quickly transfer quote information to a sales order or a job.

Order Management

Order Management drives the Epicor system. From the time an order is entered it is tracked through final shipment and production order fulfillment for on-demand customer satisfaction. Connect your sales and manufacturing processes with Order Job Wizard which will generate appropriate jobs for new orders in a single step.

Complement your sales process with the flexibility of selling items in kits and which will be defined as needed within your organization. Sell items with multi-dimensional attributes and track multiple Units of Measure. Improve your order accuracy and ability to enhance sales with up-sell, cross-sell, and down-sell capabilities. Provide accurate, real-time delivery dates to customers when using Advanced Planning and Scheduling with the Capable-to-promise capability.

Sales Order Automation

Sales order entry is part of nearly all manufacturing operations. Improve the efficiency within this process by automating activities such as data entry with Epicor Intelligent Data Capture functionality which allows to capture and extract data related to a customer or a particular order.

EDI/Demand Management

The EDI Demand Management framework leverages the SOA business architecture of Kinetic and deep industry experience in EDI to lower the cost of the EDI deployment. The framework provides full flexibility and control for setting up customer contracts and handling their schedules once inside the Kinetic system.

Point of Sale

Epicor Point of Sale (POS) extends the power of your Kinetic solution to a customer-facing sales environment. Epicor POS provides a feature-rich system that empowers store personnel to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Commerce Connect

The increasing demand for eCommerce likely means more customers are looking online to solve their business problems. Therefore, providing customers the ability to buy online is a key element for your organization's growth. Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) provides everything your website needs to deliver a rich customer experience throughout the customer's entire order life cycle. The key advantage of Epicor Commerce Connect is its deep integration to Kinetic, as ECC negates much of the risk that goes with using a non-integrated eCommerce solution by getting all of its information directly from the ERP platform.

Dealer Network Portal

Epicor Dealer Portal is an innovative enterprise solution designed for manufacturers who sell or service products through dealers. By capturing all dealer activity through an easy-to-use portal, you establish a single thread of data that connects all transactions back to your ERP.


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