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Manage your business from one place with Epicor Kinetic (ERP)

As one of the lead industry productivity solutions in the market Epicor Kinetic is the best option to integrate your operations

Epicor Kinetic (ERP)

Thanks to the centralization of information, automation of routine tasks and the simplification of business processes you will be able to integrate different elements of your business operations and achieve a higher efficiency.  

Epicor Kinetic represents a fully integrated solution for your business development, combining the best capabilities of financial, supply chain, production management, business intelligence, scheduling and more.

Epicor ERP modules: Production management, Supply chain management, planning and scheduling, project management, product management, sales management, customer relationship management, financial management, human capital management, service and asset management

Due to its modular approach, with Epicor Kinetic it is possible to undertake curated implementations that relate to your organization processes and current needs. Facilitating the system to change as your organization does. 

Thinking about a Cloud solution?

Through a partnership with Microsoft Azure, Epicor provides the resiliency, scale, and security of a world-class cloud platform, allowing as well the incorporation of Azure-enabled innovative technologies like Internet of things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As a SaaS service, Cloud Epicor Kinetic empowers customers to focus on achieving business outcomes without the disruption, cost, or risk of managing the back-end technology by themselves.

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How digital transformation can help your business grow

How digital transformation can help your business grow?

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