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Benefits of SaaS Model: ERP in Cloud Systems

Traditionally Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that are installed on-site often prove to have a high rigidity when related to new technologies and innovations. Being this the main reason why ERP systems under a SaaS (Cloud) model become most attractive for the development of companies of all sizes.

Apart from the fact of versatibility and flexibility that an ERP installed under a SaaS model could bring to your organization. Other benefits should be regarded and taken into consideration before deciding how you will install your ERP Solution.


SaaS implementation can provide notable savings. As it eliminates some operational and installation costs related to maintenance and asset acquisition. As it also frees your IT resources from support tasks associated to your applications. The use of cloud systems on the onther hand, helps businesses to reduce cost risks linked to the purchasing of software.


The installation process of most of SaaS applications is simplified when compared to on-premise softwares. As it shifts most of the maintenance and installation responsabilities form your IT department towards the vendor. Eliminating extra time that whould be spent on working hours or downtime for your organization.

Scalability & Accessibility

Another interesting feature of SaaS services its their flexibility related to their business models, such as pay-as-you-go. Also, thanks to the external hosting by the vendor of the cloud application the system is accesible through internet independently of your location.


Most of the timetimes upgrading from one system to another can generate risks and errors due to version discrepancies between members of your organization. Nontheless, the use of SaaS applications will allow you to improve this process to be as if your users changed from one application to another.

To review further reasons on why to choose cloud ERP as a system click the image below to get a detailed report by Epicor:


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