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Epicor Kinetic - Human Capital Management

Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM) comprehensively automates HR functions from recruitment to retirement in a single software system, enabling you to track, manage, and analyze all data for your employees. Through automated workflow, you can improve your efficiency. With powerful reporting and analytical tools, you gain greater visibility into your company’s workforce for better strategic planning.

Core HR

HR professionals increase their value to the organization by helping decision-makers navigate workforce change. The Epicor Human Capital Management software maintains your employee-related data in a single database—a true HR system of record that enables you to support your

organization’s strategic initiatives. Epicor HCM allows you to instantly navigate anywhere within the solution—you can launch new activities worry-free with the Epicor HCM auto-save feature, and the software notifies you if you miss a field in a task.


Epicor HCM integrates with Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) for a modern view of workforce insights to drive more informed decision-making for HR professionals. EDA provides interactive dashboards of HR information so

you can easily review, understand, and act upon data.

Global HR

Epicor HCM is available via web-based access worldwide, automatically configuring data fields to reflect the appropriate format based on an employee location. Location- specific home pages deliver a blend of relevant communication and corporate standards at each site.

Candidate Self Service

Intuitive tools assist HR and hiring managers with workflows that walk you through the most common recruiting tasks—opening a requisition, interviewing, and hiring. Candidate Self Service allows individuals to submit online applications which are automatically connected to your HCM system and flow seamlessly to HR and hiring managers.

Employee Self Service

Epicor HCM Employee Self Service, creates a dynamic HR communication portal with easy-to-access information for employees at all levels of your organization. Allow employees to access their personal information whenever they like, find answers to common HR questions, manage benefits, view openings, and more.

Talent Management

Organizations are increasingly focused on retaining valuable employees through skills development, rewards, and employee satisfaction initiatives. Epicor HCM helps HR leaders define and leverage competency models that jumpstart talent management initiatives as part of a comprehensive HCM strategy.

Position Control

The Epicor HCM Position Control module lets you manage headcount and monitor funding allocations to better control the “people” budget. Position Control allows HR professionals to refine the attributes of a position for better administration of open, filled, and new positions while

maintaining tight control on costs.


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