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Epicor Kinetic - Planning and Scheduling

Epicor offers this comprehensive solution for forecasting, material requirements planning (MRP), scheduling, and advanced planning and scheduling to meet the needs of today's agile businesses.

Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling

This functionality is designed to assist manufacturers and distributors with both day-to-day control and long-range planning and decision making. The forecasting function will allow generating forecasts from multiple historical sources, whilst considering buckets or variable periods. Perform an iterative process for entering a planned schedule, viewing the effect on your resources, then modifying the plan until you have achieved an optimal schedule.

Epicor Smart Demand Planner

Epicor Smart Demand Planner provides cloud-based statistical forecasting that automatically selects the right forecast model. It includes an intermittent demand model so you can accurately forecast the inventory needed to hit desired service levels. Epicor Smart Demand Planner seamlessly integrates with Kinetic software using an "out of the box" connector that simplifies implementation and support.

Material Requirements Planning

MRP offers cross-plant and cross-company planning. Enhanced to offer plant source as well as product groups. This process balances the demand of customer orders and forecasts with the supply of jobs. Create purchase order suggestions for inventory and purchase parts that are needed to complete production. Use lead times and vendor price breaks to determine when the part should be ordered and at what price.

Scheduling and Resource Management

Multiple resources views and online scheduling tools such as the change impact informer offer the master scheduler and manager the ability to visually locate overload problems and slack conditions. Easily manipulate the schedule with drag-and-drop and drill-down techniques for multilevel assemblies and operation details.


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