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Epicor Kinetic - Production Management

A strong production control system will help your organization to build a competitive advantage, whether you manufacture complex or simple solutions. With its modular design, the production control suite includes Job Management, Advanced Production, Lean Manufacturing, Data Collection, Advanced MES, Quality Assurance, Enhanced Quality Assurance, and Quality Management System.

Job Management

This is a comprehensive production control solution designed specifically for the planning, routing, scheduling, costing, and tracking of goods. With its planning workbench, you will be able to access all job-related actions in a single view, allowing you to seamlessly access the scheduling board for more detailed job management. Manage job costing by comparing actuals to estimates, review job costing for materials, material burden, and subcontracting operations. With its drag-and-drop functionality use a tree interface to easily move components, operations, or direct materials from another quote, BOM, or previously run job. Extensively track and analyze scrap, rework, and added operations.

Advanced Production

Deploy a batching technology that enables users to group multiple parts or operations together for key production processes. This functionality also supports co-product production, nested product production, simplified plant floor interface, concurrent or subsequent flexibility.

Kanban Lean Production

With this functionality, your organization will be able to adopt a pull process rather than push through the manufacturing activities. Use the Kanban Flow to start the manufacturing processes without work orders. The kanban functionality manages the stocking and order demand for parts flagged as needing kanban control. Eliminate work orders and reduce on-hand inventories as parts are electronically triggered for replenishment as needed with real-time manufacturing.

Data Collection

Formerly known as Epicor MES, this is an easy-to-use, online system for the plant floor that allows plant-based transactions real-time visibility throughout the Epicor solution. With its flexible data entry technology, you will be able to provide this solution across the production floor with multiple options of technological infrastructure.

Advanced MES

This function utilizes industry 4.0 technology on the shop floor - such as cyber-physical systems and internet of things (IoT) sensors to help you gain the competitive advantage you need. Epicor Advanced MES collects data directly from the equipment on the shop floor in real-time, minimizing inaccurate and time-consuming manual data collection.

Quality Assurance

Extending your solution with this functionality will help you ensure you gain complete visibility into your operations from a top-down view, allowing you tie together all quality functions, whether it is scrapping end parts, rejecting raw materials, or tracking first article inspections. Moreover, this functionality allows processes for supplier returns with links to accounts payable. Inspectors have queues of items to inspect while plant floor employees can easily flag parts as nonconformant.

Enhanced Quality Assurance

Traceability and audit of quality data drive businesses to develop "systems" to support the collection and use of quality testing data. This functionality is designed to support the management of controlled test plans and the results for products, groups of products, processes, and other testing processes. Build specific testing and inspection planes, and use the recovered data to improve your operations. Add a training management system, as well as resource calibration plans with flexible results collection.


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