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Epicor Kinetic - Project Management

Project Management is a comprehensive solution for companies that work based on simple or complex projects that may require intricate multilevel phases. With this module, you will be able to track and estimate costs and labor information however complex your operation process is.

Project Planning and Analysis

This module provides flexible Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) capabilities. Additional to this, this feature will also include the ability to accumulate and roll up costs for each WBS Phase, supporting budgets, estimated completion values, and calculated, estimated, and actual costs accumulated at the WBS Phase or project level.

Project Generation

Define all project components in a cohesive plan. Define the default project approvals method and workflow group. Define the structure and automatically create jobs for the collection of costs and management of operations.

Collaborative Project Management

Give internal and external project community visibility into the events of the project. Allow teams to achieve transparency and enable smarter and efficient collaboration. Provide access to those involved in your project. Epicor Collaborate allows a project team to tap into social networks for the expertise and improved access to knowledge to complete their goals.

Contract Management

Maintain the contractual agreements for each project with details of the customer and key contract dates, values, currency definition, project manager, and the appropriate revenue recognition method. Define the source of cost rates and configure the settings to be used to help ensure that only resources with specific role codes are able to work and record time against a project.

Planning Contract

You can define planning contracts for multiple projects, supporting the ability to link demand and supply to the project. You can link demand through job or sales orders indicating where the demand will be consumed.

Revenue Recognition and Analysis

Use Revenue Recognition workbench to automate this process and the various milestones and contractually defined billing points on a project. Generate journals based on the costs produced from the Project Analysis.

Project Billing

Invoices can be generated based on fixed dates, amounts, user-defined stages of project completion, or user-defined cost-to-date. More complex contract arrangements can be defined using the sophisticated options available in Epicor Project Billing.

Resource Management

This functionality provides the ability to define all resources available. Comprehensive calendars, resource capabilities, roles, and capacities can be defined for you to manage your operations. Additionally, this functionality provides the comprehensive costing and default burden and billing data user through the application.

Time Management

This functionality provides a highly configurable environment for the recording and management of time across projects, jobs, service orders, and internal codes. Time recording reliability is reinforced through an array of task-centric entry options, which focus on the critical data required in each context. Additionally, the flexible approvals process provides the security to help ensure that transactions are properly authorized and backed up by a comprehensive audit trail.

Expense Management

Expense Management helps to eliminate the administrative effort and increase efficiency by providing a secure environment for recording and managing multicurrency expenses across projects, jobs, and service orders. Expenses can be entered on mobile devices via a web browser when employees are on the go.

Advanced Project Management

This segment of the module extends the functionality and flexibility of the Project Management module. Addressing the challenges of contract management and multifaceted projects with an integrated solution to manage claims, subcontractors, variations, and revenue recognition. Improve your cash flow process and forecast through effective manage, and eliminate manual entries. Use the advanced Project Accounting functionality to manage financial viability or use the AdvancedContract Management to control the financial relationships between business and customers.


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