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Epicor Kinetic - Supply Chain Management

This module provides a full suite of enterprise application capabilities, including purchase management, sourcing and procurement, inventory management, advanced material management, shipping and receiving, and warehouse management. It is complemented as well by Epicor forecasting capabilities, order management, and analytics functionalities. With all these capabilities, you will be able to provide world-class service to your customers.

Purchase Management

This functionality handles purchase order writing and tracking of supplier performance to optimize results. The purchase order receipt processing updates suggested supplier and detailed purchase history files, which provides a continual reference to aid in making purchasing decisions. Automate your purchasing process, add supplier cross-referencing, price breaks, purchase requisitions, and multiple trackers that will help you to streamline your operations.

Purchase Contracts

Automate the process of purchasing inventory items on a recurring basis. Contract items can be assigned to purchase orders, which automate your delivery schedules with delivery dates, prices, and quantities. The complete functionality includes part schedule maintenance to establish the combination of part, plant, and calendar that makes up the part schedule.

Advanced Requisition Management

Control requisitions for the stock replenishment in each location with greater efficiency. This functionality will allow your organization to gain visibility and regulate procurement spending by proving an online workflow and purchase requisition tool.

Supplier Connect

Strengthen your competitiveness by offering customers and businesses the ability to interact with your brand online. By providing the means for customer and supplier self-service on a whole range of requirements, Epicor Commerce Connect eliminates the need for inquires to come in via email, phone, or fax.

Supplier Relationship Management

This functionality will allow your buyers, procurement staff, and purchasing agents to request quotes for raw materials or subcontract services for one or multiple suppliers. Track and maintain your relationships with your suppliers and assign attributes and evaluate different capabilities.

Supplier Digital-Integration Suite

Epicor EDI integrates all your suppliers quickly and seamlessly into your business system for visibility and actionable information, regardless of your supplier's technical capabilities. SDIS uses a canonical mapping approach for uniform processing of multiple supplier integrations into your system. Providing a web-based advanced analytics solution that shows what is happening in your supply chain and provides alerts for non-compliance/unexpected activity for any of your suppliers.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management provides key functions necessary to update and maintain raw materials, work in process, finished foods inventory quantities, costs, and on-hand requirements. A variety of screens provide management analysis of materials requirements planning, shortage monitoring, reorder analysis, stock status, valuation, and critical items.

Shipping and Receiving

This functionality is designed to promote increased efficiency and accuracy by allowing you to perform and track all activity relating to shipments and receipts. This will allow your organization to manage mass shipments, subcontract parts tracking, miscellaneous shipment tracking, pack, and ship/pack-out processing.

Quick Ship

Today's customers have many different shipping options, Quick Ship is the multicarrier shipping software for Epicor Kinetic which streamlines domestic and international shipping processes to help you meet your customers' demands. As part of its shipping function, Quick Ship prints labels, bill of landings, and export documents to be included in your shipment.

Warehouse Management

Epicor's Warehouse Management System (WMS) leverages Kinetic mobile ID and wireless communications to link your warehouses with your order processing and manufacturing operations.

Advanced Material Management

This functionality enables businesses to produce electronic request for materials, dispatch those materials, and track inventory movements of all inventory. For customers only requiring the paperless proof of delivery and delivery route navigation functions a Proof of Delivery app is also available as a stand-alone subset of the Wireless Warehouse Mobile app.


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