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Epicor Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization

Automating and improving the existing business processes is no longer enough to win business in today's data-driven business environment. Leverage internal and external data for actionable insights and prescriptive solutions to solve core business problems.

Epicor Smart IP&O provides data-driven predictive and prescriptive analytics for inventory planning based on field-proven probabilistic forecast models and optimization methods that reduce inventory investments, improve service levels and provide executive visibility ensuring inventory policy reflects business goals. Epicor Smart IP&O provides descriptive analytics for your operations by helping to uncover opportunity operational efficiency.

With Epicor Smart IP&O you will be able to access descriptive Analytics, which use data aggregation and data mining to provide insight into the past and answer: “What has happened?” – Historical information on sales and orders such as part usage in the past, orders, existing min/max and safety stock levels, stock-outs, etc. Predictive Analytics, which use statistical models and forecasts techniques to understand the future and answer: “What could happen?” – and perform exact forecast and finally: Prescriptive Analytics, which use optimization and simulation algorithms to advice on possible outcomes and answer: “What should we do?” – Inventory Optimization

Epicor Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization Platform is an integrated set of cloud-based applications for forecasting, demand planning, inventory optimization, and supply chain analytics that drives sales and inventory operations planning.

Epicor Smart Demand Planner provides cloud-based statistical forecasting that automatically selects the right forecast model for each item, accounting for trend, seasonality, and promotion/event-driven demand. Once the baseline forecast is produced, it is available for collaborative review and consensus planning by authorized stakeholders. Forecast accuracy can be measured ensuring the best possible forecast is delivered to the business at both the aggregate and at item mix levels.

Epicor Smart Inventory Optimization delivers cloud-based inventory policy decision support and the means to share, collaborate, and track the impact of your inventory planning policy. Epicor Smart Inventory Optimization reconciles holding costs, ordering costs, and stockout costs to prescribe the inventory policy and service levels that yield the total lowest cost. You can optionally assign service level constraints and targets and propose multiple policies for consideration. Then share proposed policies and agree on a consensus plan that best meets the company’s objectives.

Epicor Smart Operational Analytics is a cloud-based reporting platform that provides a fast, easily understood, current perspective on the state of your inventory. It performs against critical metrics such as, actual supplier lead times, and opportunities to rebalance stocks across facilities, to help uncover root causes of operational inefficiencies. Get a 360-degree view of your inventory – identify value, stocking trends, overstocks, understocks, and potential order cancellations. Also identify root causes of stock-outs, excess inventory, and late deliveries. User-defined filters enable the ability to drill into and report on any subset of the inventory.


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