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How we implement webinar automation for data enrichment, validation, and content distribution.

This automation method enables you to substitute any platform integration with your own platform.


The process begins with a LinkedIn post containing the URL of our webinar recording. When a viewer clicks on the link, they are directed to a Highspot website hosting the recording.

As the viewer starts watching the webinar recording, a notification email is sent to an Outlook master inbox and then forwarded to my inbox, initiating the first stage of automation. The email content is automatically analyzed to extract relevant user information, focusing on the email subject and the visitor's email address. The challenge lies in extracting only the visitor's email from the email body, disregarding any other email addresses present. The desired data includes the email subject and the visitor's email. The second automation step involves checking if the email exists in the CRM database. If it does, the contact information is updated by adding a tag indicating webinar attendance, and the contact's full name is added to a spreadsheet. If the contact information is not in the CRM, it is recorded in the spreadsheet for further investigation to find the person's first and last name. The third automation step is to send a welcome email to all new Highspot webinar viewers, providing a link to additional information.


The Excel sheet records all visitors, distinguishing between new visitors without a name in the CRM database and existing visitors with their full names mentioned in the spreadsheet.


In my Outlook email, incoming emails with the webinar subject contain visitor information that is extracted for processing.


Upon extracting and processing the visitor's email address with the automation method, an automatic welcome message is sent to the visitor.


During the demonstration, a LinkedIn post with a link to the HighSpot webinar recording is accessed. After entering a test email address, the webinar recording is viewed.

Upon starting the webinar video, the Highspot system detects the new visitor and sends a notification to the master email inbox.


The notification triggers the automation method to process the email information, extract the entered email address, check its existence in the CRM, and record it in the spreadsheet.


Subsequently, a welcome email is automatically sent to the visitor's email address, containing a URL for accessing automation information. This simple yet effective automation method streamlines prospect management, content distribution, and marketing tasks.



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