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Inventory Management in Epicor ERP

Epicor's Inventory Management module will allow your organization to efficiently manage your stock and optimize material management processes inside your business.

With the help of this module, you will be able to reduce quantities on-hand that are continually replenished through the processing of purchased or manufactured item receipts into inventory.

Some significant functionalities you could take advantage of with this module are:

Lot Tracking and Attributes

Improve efficiency with full visibility of parts by lot throughout your system. Record material received and keep traceable material on-hand.

Serial Tracking

Which will help you to ensure your product traceability, allowing for greater control over parts within the facility.

Customer-Manager Inventory

Lower your business risk by enhancing control over customer-manager inventory that you store but never own.

Supplier-Manager Inventory

Epicor allows you to designate material purchased as inventory you are storing as consignment inventory from the supplier.

Additionally, you may enhance your material management operations with the following extensions for your system:

Epicor Smart Inventory Optimization

This extension delivers cloud-based inventory policy decision support and the means to share, collaborate and track the impact of your inventory planning policy. Epicor Smart Inventory will automatically upload the optimal planning parameters back into Epicor ERP.

Feel free to read more about this extension at:

Smart Inventory Planning and Optimizatio
Download • 1.19MB

Epicor Smart Operational Analytics

This cloud-based extension is a reporting platform that provides a fast, easily understood, current perspective on the state of your inventory. This extension will help you to continuously improve your operations by measuring and reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as service level and fill rate performance, time to ship, number of stock-out events, and more.

Epicor Mfg WirWirelesseles Warehouse

This extension is the next-generation of mobile handheld for warehouse and distribution. This intuitive and modern app will provide workflow optimization for fast and accurate scanning. Providing proof of delivery and delivery route optimization with navigation, reducing the required time to process transactions, and increasing data entry accuracy by reducing errors.

Feel free to read more about this at:

Mfg Wireless Warehouse, Proof of Deliver
Download • 2.33MB

To read more about Epicor's Inventory Management Module and its relationship to Supply Chain Management Processes please refer to the following file or contact us by using any of our communication channels:

Download • 741KB


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