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Let's dynamize your digital journey with Kinetic (the new name for Epicor ERP)

Kinetic comes from the Greek word kinētikos, meaning "of motion, which in turn traces to the verb kinein, meaning "to move." Compared to some other English words that have their roots in Greek, "kinetic" is a relatively young English word; the earliest evidence we have of its use is from 1864. Although it deals with the motion of images rather than material bodies, the word cinema can also be traced back to "kinein." The verb "kinein" is the source of the Greek kinēma, meaning "movement, to which the French referred in the coining of their "cinématographe." "Cinématographe" is the word that gave rise to the English word cinematograph, of which "cinema" is simply a shortened form.

This is KINETIC for us !

Kinetic is the new name for Epicor ERP, our cloud ERP solution built with manufacturers, for manufacturers, as part of our continued commitment to build the best-in-class Industry Cloud. Learn more.

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