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Part Numbering Recommendations

Many opinions exist on the subject of “proper” part numbering systems within the manufacturing and distribution worlds.This document is not the final authority about Part Numbering; instead it is designed as a guide for developing and using good

part numbering techniques.

Many companies fall into creating an “accidental” part numbering scheme. No thought was put into an intelligent design. Other companies fall into over-thinking their designs, which makes their part numbering scheme unmanageable and even unusable by other systems.

This document contains my thoughts and opinions based on personal experience working with many companies, as well as nearly 40 years of ERP System design, usage, and consulting. Feel free to use these ideas as a guideline for designing and using

your part numbering system within Epicor and other systems.

Tim Shoemaker

Senior Principal Consultant

Professional Services

Download PDF • 862KB

Feel free to consult our Platinum Services Europe Epicor Certified team if you have any additional questions about your setup of your ERP.


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