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Product Management

The Product Management module allows your organization to have a centralized hub for all the data related to your product history. This module will also support your product lifecycle management, enabling your enterprise to control the enormous number of electronic documents produced.

Method of Manufacturing

Manage the product Bill of Materials (BOM) and routings with one solution. Each part-specific method of manufacturing is controlled through engineering and offers drill-down functionality. Streamline engineering by modifying existing methods for same-as except quotations and production runs.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Epicor supports single-level or multiple-part level Bill of Materials. It also supports visual engineering technology with indented tree structures and drag-and-drop BOM management. Optionally, have several BOMs within a plant, allowing the planner to choose the most cost-effective.


Detailed routings facilitate planning, scheduling, and costing of products more efficiently. Changings are notified to the plant floor and operators have online visibility of the latest routing production notes, as well as resources and standards requirements.

Engineering Change and Revision Control

This functionality is designed to enable engineering change management, multiple revision control of products, and engineering workflow management, providing a detailed cost analysis. The engineering workbench gives engineers an area to manage all engineering tasks related to the modification, review, and approval of assemblies.

Document Management

Epicor drag-and-drop attachments support the ability to manage documents against any record or application. Additional functionality exists to allow attachments linked to end products and components to automatically flow to production planning and the production floor. Epicor Content Management (ECM) offers a secure repository for documents. This solution also offers document versioning, check-out, and check-in support.

CAD Integration

CAD Link for Epicor increases the speed of engineering data flowing from the engineer's desktop to the rest of the business. CADLink is designed to streamline the entire product development process, letting engineers push forward BOM revisions to Kinetic with a click of a button without leaving their familiar CAD environment.

Product Lifecycle Management

This Epicor's solution serves as a central knowledge repository for process and product history and promotes integration and data exchange among all enterprise users. PLM supports the management of all documentation associated with a product throughout its entire product lifecycle and includes full integration with numerous computer-aided designs. History entries include the date, change reason, and user, allowing you to understand the data behind each of your parts.

Product Costing

Costing is a key element to complete profit analysis, therefore Epciro offers the flexibility and accuracy needed to analyze product cost on a customer-by-customer, part-by-part, and job-by-job basis. Consider elements such as materials, labor, burden, subcontracting, and material burden costs with a set of multiple costing methods.

Product Configuration

This functionality enables on-the-fly configuration for highly customizable and dimensional products via a straightforward question and answer evaluation. Integrated with ERP, configurations are easily priced, and once sold, manufacturing details flow to procurement and production, ensuring accurate and timely manufacturing of highly configurable products.


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