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Supporting Key Initiatives for the Fabricated Metals Industry

Fabricated Metals manufacturers facing increased global pressure are stressed to find new efficiencies. Price sensitivity, volatile raw material cost, shorter product lifecycles, and adoption of quality and value-added services continue to erode already thin margins. In response, many manufacturers are expanding their traditional business and looking for new opportunities—some in new and unknown markets and others centered in business performance.

Lean initiatives are driving many manufacturers to reengineer business processes from the plant floor to the top floor to the extended supply chain. These same businesses are enjoying business-wide costs savings, reduction in raw material and work in process, improved throughput, better utilization of existing resources, and improved customer satisfaction. Epicor understands the demands placed on manufacturers today.

Epicor for Fabricated Metals is a global enterprise resource planning software solution designed for organizations that manufacture and distribute fabricated metal products to a variety of industries including; industrial machinery, automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics and electrical, medical device, energy, and more.

Epicor is uniquely positioned to manage the requirements of these industries supporting simple-to-complex build plans, make-to-order, make-to-stock, or mixed-mode environments with a single, comprehensive solution.

  1. Improve Operational Visibility

  2. Make Your Customer the Focus of Your Business

  3. Reduce Cost Without Compromising Quality

  4. Produce Timely and Accurate Quotes

  5. Managing Increasing Complex Product Builds

  6. Cradle-to-Grave Product Traceability

  7. Maintain Supplier Status Through Delivery Performance

  8. Maximize Equipment Effectiveness

  9. Use Lean Methodology and Demand Pull Systems to Improve Lead Times and Reduce Waste

  10. Regulatory Compliance

  11. Reduce Waste in the Supply Chain

  12. Support Extended and Global Operations

  13. Robust Technology Framework

  14. Flexible Deployment Options

  15. Industry Leading Service and Support


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