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The total economic impact of Epicor ERP

Forrester interviewed four manufacturers to determine the financial impact of Epicor ERP on a composite organization over three years.

Epicor successfully delivered a ROI of 264% and a payback of 13 months.

Identifying as well 10 key benefits after Epicor's ERP deployment:

1) Happier customers which lead to an incremental profit of 2.7 million dollars

2) Front office labor savings adding up to $400,000+ impacting the departments of Marketing, CRM, Sales, and Order Management. Allowing to improve the product lifecycle management and after-sales service.

3) Savings in analytics tools for $70,000 +

4) Financial Management Savings $150,000+

5) IT Costs savings $2.3 Million

6) Supply Chain Management Savings $65,000+

7) Planning and Scheduling Savings $1 Million

8) Production savings $1.7 Million

9) Inventory savings $ 4.4 Million

10) Governance, risks, and compliance savings $50,000 +


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