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Who Is Industry 4.0 Right For?

How do you know when or if your business should invest in Industry 4.0?

If you’re able to check off most of the items on this list, it’s probably safe to start evaluating Industry 4.0 technology and solution providers and allocating the resources needed for deployment:

  • You’re in a particularly competitive industry with a lot of tech-savvy players

  • You’re having a hard time recruiting to fill vacant jobs at your organization

  • You want better visibility across your supply chain

  • You want to identify and address issues before they become bigger problems

  • You want to boost efficiency and profitability across your entire organization

  • You want everyone on your team to have informed, up-to-date, relevant views of production and business processes

  • You want richer and more timely analytics

  • You need help digitizing and making sense of information

  • You want to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience

  • You want to improve product quality or keep product quality intact

  • You want a more integrated enterprise resource planning system that spans not only inventory and planning, but also financials, customer relationships, supply chain management, and manufacturing execution

  • You want a consistent and flexible view of production and business operations tailored to specific areas or users in your organization

  • You want real-time insights that help you make better, faster decisions about your business each day


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