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Find useful integrations

and additional services for your Epicor system


Streamline your expense management process

Rydoo is a best-in-class spend management solution, saving time and frustrations for your
finance team and employees while improving forecasting and analysis.

Reporting for ERP FastClose

Reporting for Epicor ERP

Easy to use, fast to deploy, operational reporting, and inquiry solution to generate management reports.


Recover VAT refunds on local and overseas travel

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Save on administrative burden and enjoy refunds with VAT IT’s end-to-end VAT reclaim solution that uses AI-powered rules engine to capture all refund opportunities

Business Intelligence Integrations


Ease your business decisions by getting clear information from your Epicor system. Learn more about some Business Intelligence that will support your decision process.

Epicor Automation Studio


Ease your integration and automation processes with this solution powered by Workato with 1,000 + app connectors, with a Low Code/No Code solution, and with more than 400,00 automation recipes.


Automate your counting processes

Automate counting procedures and save time and effort by counting from photos and videos.

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XSOL Enterprise Process Planning

Enterprise Process Planning

Build a process knowledge base that helps you map out your organization.