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Do you know Epicor ERP support Swiss QR-bill deposit slip (ISR) ?

Since the 30th of June 2020 when you implement an ERP in Switzerland you will need to replace the BVR (bulletin de versement avec numéro de référence - Deposit slip with reference) with the new QR-Swiss :

But what is exactly this QR-Code ?

In 2016, SIX Group announced the harmonization and modernization of financial flows, with the aim of introducing the ISO 200223 standard. The 208 Swiss banks involved prepared for the migration by December 20173, which resulted in the replacement of the various formats (in particular DTA) by pain.001 (SEPA Format) for data exchange between companies and banks.4 The new standard will be implemented in the first half of 2010.

On November 15, 2018, SIX Group announces for that the new payment slips will be implemented on June 30, 2020, that they will be blank (compared to the old payment slips) and will contain a QR code (based on the EPC code QR model) to facilitate error-free data entry5. This is the 4th version of the payment slip5.

From June 30, 2020 , payment slips with reference number (ISR) and red payment slips (IS) are gradually being replaced by the Swiss Invoice QR7,8,1,9. This coincides with the unique use of the ISO 20022 standard in the Swiss financial market despite the old flow types3.

Swiss ISR Processing in Epicor ERP

Swiss internal business processes are based on OCR codes called ISR (I npayment S lip with R eference number),which are processed by either Postfinance or Swiss banks. Invoices for Swiss and Liechtenstein-based customers contain a payment slip with ISR code attached to them, which provide unique information.

A payment slip contains an ISR code line, a payment reference made up of several digits that provide information about the supplier, invoice amount, currency, and other data. ISR is usually put into the service by Swiss Post Office.

Ordinarily, when people, companies, and banks open post office accounts, they are given a unique ID - an ISR Party Number. In this case, the first six digits of ISR reference number will be zero. Some companies do not have post office accounts and they use banks. If suppliers use a bank, they will have to provide ISR Party ID for the bank and the bank customer number given by the bank. In this case, the first six digits of ISR reference number

will represent the bank customer number of the supplier.

When a payment is made to the post office, the post office transfers the fund to the bank's post office account

using the ISR party ID of the bank. The bank receives the funds and transfers them to the supplier's bank account using the bank customer number of the supplier.

To support this business process, Epicor ERP completes the following:

• stores data to generate ISR code line and reference numbers for companies

• stores data to identify suppliers by their ISR party numbers

• stores ISR code line details received from suppliers

• generates AP payment files containing ISR reference numbers

• imports AR payment files with ISR reference numbers

You can read more about this in our Country Specific Guide :

Download PDF • 554KB


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